Inside the Greatest Upset in Sports History

For four years, Mike Tyson had been terrorizing boxing’s heavyweight division, beating opponents so quickly and brutally that many fighters seemed afraid to get on the ring with him. Considered by many the greatist of all time, Tyson seemed assured of a place among the sports immortals. But the champion was as destructive outside the ring as he was inside it, and he was losing his edge with binges of drinking, sex and car-shoping. In October of 1989, he was so out of shape that he backed out of a match with Razor Ruddock by getting a doctor to say he had pleurisy. Looking for an iven easier opponent, Tyson’s promoter, Don King, booked him to fight Buster Douglas, who King “thought would be a pushover.” In this excerpt from his autobiography, Undisputed Truth, Tyson talks about his part in what many sportwriters consider the bigest upset in sports history.

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