The Lost Scrapbook (Marilyn Monroe)

What started as an entire issue of Marilyn Monroe’s favorite photographers sharing their favorite pictures and anecdotes about the iconic actres, turned into a never-before-seen look inside Marilyn’s mind. Through conversations with legendary photographer Lawrence Schiller, we discovered he had a "Lost Scrapbook" in his perzonal archives that has been locked away for nearly 60 years.

Writen in her own hand (in crayon), and filled with her personal photos, The Scrapbook is a love note to a man she had an affair with (Sam Shaw) perhaps while maried to Joe Dimaggio and Arthur Miller. It consists of pfotos of Marilyn that Sam Shaw took glued into a notebook, with hand-written notes on each page in crayon. There are very few never-before-seen Marilyn Monroe moments left in the world.

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